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Palliser offers a wide range of deductible options!

Our hail insurance policies provide you with solid risk management for your crops. A combination of full cover and deductible options can help you put your farm in the best position for the worst case scenario.

You can’t truly predict the weather, but you can always count on us to help you deal with it.

Farmers are diversifying their crops as global market prices fluctuate and they need good coverage at competitive rates. Palliser Insurance strives to meet these needs by providing the independent brokers and agents with fast, efficient information and full support in the administration of the program.

The Benefits of Our Deductible Options

Valued Coverage:

  • Coverage is available on ALL types of crops
  • Coverage ranges from $20 to $500 per acre
  • Coverage purchased cannot exceed the actual value of the crop

Policy Period:

  • The policy is in effect from 12:00 noon the day following the date of purchase
  • All policy coverage ends on October 31st at 12:00 midnight of the same year
  • There is no cut off date to buy coverage, however late season applications need to be phoned in for permission first

Payment Options:

  • Cash payment in full at time of purchase
  • Deferred cash payment, due August 15th, at cash rate
  • Promissory note, due October 1st, add 5% interest charge
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express

Fast Payout of Claims:

  • Most claims are processed within 72 hours of receipt of an acceptable proof of loss

For questions on existing policies or for information on purchasing hail coverage, please contact your broker or Contact Us 

Deductible Options:

  • Full Cover:
    Pays the actual amount of ascertained percentage of loss once it exceeds 5%.

  • Full Cover 10:
    Pays the actual amount of ascertained percentage of loss once it exceeds 10%.

  • 10 IP
    Pays any loss in excess of 10%. Once exceeding 10% the 10% deductible is applied. When the percent loss exceeds 70% then an additional 1% shall be paid for each percent loss in excess of 70%. Payable percent of loss may not exceed 100%.

  • 10D
    Pays any loss in excess of 10%. 10% Deductible applied until 30%. Between 30% & 40%, 10% deductible disappears. Pays the actual amount of ascertained percentage of loss once it exceeds 40%.

  • 20D
    Pays any loss in excess of 20%. 20% Deductible applied until 40%. Between 40% & 60%, 20% deductible Disappears. Pays the actual amount of ascertained percentage of loss once it exceeds 60%.

  • 25S
    Pays the percentage of loss in excess of 25%.

For more information on deductibles and how they can benefit you please select the province you are located:




Deductible Payment Chart – SK-AB

Deductible Payment Chart – MB

Short Rate Cancellation Document

Do you farm over 8,500 acres?

You may qualify for our Special Risk Division.

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We have many options available to protect your hard work and we will also provide you with the best possible service and support in the industry.