Claims Handling

Procedure Manual: Claims Management

Procedures: Claims Handling Procedures

  • The Chief Operating Officer shall be the officer responsible for the implementation, maintenance, compliance and periodic review of these procedures, in accordance with Clause 726(1)(c) of the Insurance Act.
  • A claim must be received at the Palliser Insurance office via fax, email, online submission from our website, in person, or mail. Telephone claims are not accepted and anyone calling by phone regarding filing a claim will be advised to use one of these methods. The form submitted is reviewed for all required information, and the insured may be called regarding any missing data. Service guideline: within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The claim information is then entered in the computer system, assigned a claim number and a file is created.
  • The file is passed on to the Claims Director who reviews the information received and delivers the file to the Field Coordinator for the claim area.
  • The Field Coordinator assigns the claim to an Adjuster and passes the file on to them.
  • The Adjuster contacts the insured to set up an appointment time to attend the fields claimed upon. Service guideline: at farm within 15 days from date of claim filing.
  • The Adjuster attends the fields with the Insured to assess the damage to the crop. Adjusting methods are as per the NCIS Adjusting Manual.
  • The Adjuster completes a Proof of Loss form with the percentage of crop damage found and reviews this with the Insured.
  • If the percentage of loss is agreed upon, the Proof of Loss is signed by both the Adjuster and the Insured and the file is returned to the Field Coordinator.
  • If the percentage of loss is not agreed upon, the file is referred to the Field Coordinator for review. After review, the Field Coordinator will recommend either re-inspection or the appraisal / dispute resolution process (Statutory Condition #15 of the policy). If a re-inspection is undertaken and agreement is still not reached, the claim will move to the appraisal / dispute resolution process.
  • Once a Proof of Loss has been completed and signed, the Field Coordinator reviews all adjuster reports, and the file is returned to the Palliser Insurance office. The percentage of loss is entered into the computer system, payment is generated, and the file is closed. Service guideline: payment generated within 8 business days of adjusted claim being entered into system.
  • The claims history and all related papers for all contracts of insurance shall be filed and kept at Palliser’s Head Office in Saskatoon, SK.

Reviewed: October 2019