Complaint Resolution

Procedure Manual: Complaint Management

Procedures: Complaint Resolution Procedures

  • The Chief Operating Officer shall act as the Complaints Officer and be the officer responsible for the implementation, maintenance, compliance and periodic review of these procedures, in accordance with Clause 7-26(1)(d) of the Insurance Act.
  • Palliser Insurance takes pride in providing exemplary service to our policyholders. This quality service earns and maintains the trust and loyalty of our customers. In the unlikely event that customers are not satisfied with our service, the procedures outlined will be followed.
  • Palliser Insurance is committed to ensuring that the complaints it receives regarding the products and services it provides or distributes are handled fairly. The following principles as outlined in Palliser’s Fair Treatment of Customers Policy are to be adhered to:
    • Customers will be provided with clear information and kept appropriately informed before and during the point of sale. Agents and staff are available to answer questions throughout the term of the policy.
    • When we provide professional advice to our customers, the advice will be suitable and take into account their individual circumstances. Advice is based on the information provided by the insured to the agent and staff.
    • Our level of service and product performance will meet the expectations of our customers as far as reasonably possible.
    • We will ensure that there is no barrier for customers to express their requests, concerns or complaints, and we will always be responsive to them.
    • Products and services will be designed to meet the needs of clients.
  • A complaint must:
    • Be made in writing
    • Set out the specific details of the concern or dispute
    • Require a solution or remedy

First Step – Discuss the Concern:

  • An employee receiving an initial complaint from a customer shall obtain all necessary information from the policyholder – name, policy number, contact information and nature of complaint.
  • If the employee cannot resolve the issue during the initial contact (considered the informal stage), any required research will be completed and the matter escalated to the senior officer of the division responsible for the service issue (i.e. sales/service – CMO, VP Sales & Service; claims – COO). The senior officer may delegate responsibility for the issue to another officer. Service guideline: A response will be provided to the policyholder within 48 hours of initial contact.

Second Step – Contact Palliser in Writing:

  • If an officer is unable to resolve the dispute or complaint informally and the policyholder is not satisfied, the policyholder is to be advised to contact Palliser in writing, setting out the specific details of the concern or dispute; and further, that Palliser will acknowledge receipt of the complaint and respond within 15 days. They shall also be directed to the Palliser website, which contains the Complaint Resolution Policy, for further information.
  • The Complaint Officer (COO) shall review all written complaints received by Palliser, and will – or may delegate, the analysis and response to a complaint. The Complaints Officer will ensure compliance with policy, including the 15 day response timeline.

Third Step – Contact Complaints Officer in Writing:

  • If the complainant feels the issue has not been resolved after receiving a written response, they are to be directed to forward their complaint to:
    • Complaints Officer
      Palliser Insurance Company Ltd.
      103 – 3502 Taylor St E
      Saskatoon, SK, S7H 5H9
  • Upon receipt of a written complaint, the Complaints Officer will first verify that the matter has been handled in accordance with Policy. If not, it will be redirected to the proper party to follow the established process.
  • If the complaint has been handled in accordance with policy, the Complaints Officer will confirm receipt within five business days.
  • The Complaints Officer will complete his/her investigation by gathering the facts (and any additional information necessary) and analyzing them thoroughly to ensure fair treatment.
  • A final decision is to be made within 30 calendar days and sent to the complainant. The final response to the complainant will include notification of the regulatory authorities that have the proper jurisdiction – to which they can request transfer of the complaint file.
  • Where a complainant requests transfer of their file to a regulatory authority, it shall be transferred to the regulatory authority within 15 calendar days.
  • All complaint files shall be filed and kept at Palliser’s Head Office in Saskatoon, SK, under the control of the Complaints Officer.

Reviewed: October, 2019

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