COVID19 Protocol

Palliser Insurance Information for Adjusting Services During COVID19 Pandemic


The health and well being of our Pallier adjusters are the most important factor this season. Palliser Insurance will do its best to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for adjusters while they are adjusting claims.


Adjusters will be contacted by the Pallier office to determine availability for the upcoming adjusting season. Adjusters that fall into high risk categories will be cautioned on the risks that may be involved with the COVID19 exposure from work.

Personal Protective Equipment

Palliser Insurance will be providing masks, gloves and sanitizer for the adjusters while they are working on claims for the adjusting season. Use of these items will be recommended.

Claims Adjustment Practice

Claims will be adjusted very differently this season if the COVID19 restrictions remain in place during the hail season. The following items will be implemented:

  • Adjusters will be in good health and notify the Palliser office if any COVID19 symptoms arise
  • Adjusters will follow Saskatchewan Health COVID19 recommendations such as washing hands often with soap and water, use approved hand sanitizer, avoid touching face, mouth, nose and eyes and cover coughs and sneezes with tissue or into bend of your elbow.
  • Adjusters will maintain a 6’ social distancing with others and avoid unnecessary interactions during adjustment of claims
  • Each adjuster will take separate vehicles per adjuster for all claims large and small
  • Clean and disinfect vehicle and objects that have been handled (phone, calculator, GPS, pens etc)
  • Claims will be adjusted by single adjuster if possible (acres, crop, time of year will factor into this)
  • Adjusters will work from home as much as possible
  • Adjusters will be recommended to stay in larger centers when possible for access to hotels and restaurants (take out/delivery)
  • Farmers will take their own vehicle to the fields and will maintain the 6’ social distancing guideline
  • Final field finding will be shared with farmer and a Proof of Loss will be emailed to the farmer for signing
  • Other technologies will be used to limit the time that adjusters will be in contact with the insured
  • Claims will be dispersed in a manner by claims coordinators that limits the possible exposure of COVID19
  • Paper sharing will be limited between Office, Claims Coordinators and Adjusters


Palliser Insurance values the work the adjusters during the summer months. We will strive to maintain a safe working environment for the adjusters that are working for Palliser Insurance. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Scott McQueen at the Palliser Office.