Adjustor Network

Canada’s largest network of adjusters

Palliser Insurance continually invests in our network of a 100 experienced and licensed adjusters that determine physical damage caused by hail across the prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Why our adjuster network benefits you:

  • We work hard to minimize the time it takes to finalize claim & time to file a notice of loss
  • We understand it’s important to receive a professional technical adjuster who is knowledgeable about current farming practices
  • We’re always working & improving communication on receipt of claim, finalizing of claim, and timely payment
  • Our AdjustIT platform ensures that your adjustment is well documented
Knowledge & Training

Leading the industry

Palliser adjusters lead the industry, as our intensive two-year training program ensures that they have the knowledge and skill set to get a fair adjustment. In addition to the training, adjusters receive hands-on, in-field training days and attend our annual Adjuster’s Conference.

We’ve built a strong reputation that centers around high service standards, efficient timelines, and quick turnaround to make sure spraying and harvest are not disrupted.

Innovation drives our success – and yours

Palliser invests in innovation and new technology to improve processes and ensure claims are completed fairly and efficiently.


Our Weartherlogic platform provides us with storm maps that we can use as a reference tool to best allocate resources. We are able to determine storm areas and storm severity based on satellite images.


Through the use of Panasonic ToughPads, adjusters can input loss data and complete claims, getting information back to the office faster. It allows us to easily store claims information and improves efficiency of the claims processes.