Insuring Profits

Managing risk the Palliser way

With input costs of crops at an all-time high, your crops are more valuable than ever. Managing risk is an essential part of farming, and we’ve built a business out of helping you succeed in doing so.

Insurance isn’t just about recovering costs, it’s about insuring profits. Position yourself for success with reliable coverage and support. Even better, utilize our hail risk tool or reach out to us for a hail risk consultation.

We genuinely care about helping farmers succeed and proper risk management plays a big part in that success.

Happy to serve

Reliable support for unreliable weather

Palliser offers a variety of different options specifically tailored to your unique needs. A combination of full coverage and deductible options can help you put your farm in the best position for the worst case scenario.

We are available to walk you through how much coverage you may need based on your specific inputs. Beyond that, our after hours support and dedicated staff are available to answer any of your questions as they arise.

We are always happy to serve you, contact us whenever you need, connect with our Palliser Direct Support Centre.

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